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Perfect your Balance

This system provides personalized, real-time balance feedback and training. Sensors attached to your body collect information about your balance, and AI analyzes this information and provides feedback, helping the user improve their balance. 

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How it Works

Data is collected:

Our on-board computer in the insole analyzes the data provided by various sensors, working seamlessly with our body’s balance system.

Feedback is given:

The attachment analyzes the gait and balance of the user and provides haptic feedback to cue them to move their feet in specific ways. 

Key Differentiators

Machine Learning

We provide integrated customized feedback to target user-specific goals

Real-Time Feedback

Responsive haptic feedback provides useful information instantly

A Universal Need for Balance

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Improved balance will help athletes perform at the next level



Our elderly are at high risk for falling and other balance-related issues 

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Whether chronic or temporary, many people struggle with balance



UC San Diego: 

The Basement

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ECE Design Competition:

Popular Prize Winner

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